Blackwood Ayagawa

  • Origine The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic
  • Woodtype Oak
  • Finishing Coal protect
  • Largeur Max, 3000 mm
  • width 100, 150, 200 mm
  • Thickness 23 - 30 mm
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Ayagawa is the oak variety of the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban. The robust oak wood has a beautiful characteristic drawing. By burning in the flames of our oven Ayagawa gets a beautiful, dull black color.

The carbon layer of Ayagawa is stronger than, for example, Douglas fir. Ayagawa gives off slightly: this is easily washable with water and natural soap. The carbon layer ages over the years and acquires a special patina (weathering). For indoor use treated Ayagawa is very suitable: we fix the carbon layer so that the wood becomes really strong. The oak wood of Ayagawa can also be used outdoors, but can start working under heavy weather influences.