Afrormosia Plato 153

  • Thickness 21 mm
  • width 153 mm
  • Length Volgens stock mm
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Afrormosia, sometimes also called Assamela, is durable to highly durable African wood from Cameroon and Congo. It is a beautiful golden brown heartwood suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and it is praised for its structure and durability (class 1/2). FAS (First and second) guarantees top quality: this facade cladding is as good as free of sapwood, heartwood, and other defects. It has a straight thread (sometimes cross-thread) with fine grain.

Afrormosia is well resistant to the effects of acids and other chemicals. This facade cladding is easy to work with, both with machine and by hand. The finish of Afrormosia is also easy. Stains and varnishes water and a solvent are both suitable for this. Under the influence of the weather conditions, its warm colour will fade slightly.

A façade cladding that is placed with you by our team means that you get a 10-year warranty on this façade.