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Belgiqa Coast

  • Composition 2-layer birch plywood
  • Sorting Prime bis, Bis Rustic A, Rustic AB, Rustic, Rustiec R
  • Color finish Oiled
  • Surface structure Sanded smooth
  • Woodtype European Oak
Price incl. VAT From 66,57/m²
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Belgiqa is a parquet that is 100% custom made.
Belgiqa is an ecologically responsible parquet and guarantees respect for the environment: for every tree that is cut down, we literally plant a new one. On your request, an oak tree is sent to you with every order. Belgiqa is a parquet that is 100% custom made.
You choose: the final layer, longitudinal finish, dimensions, impression, quality and colour of the finish.
Longitudinal finish
Hand scraped seam
Straight sides
Thickness: 10/3 - 12/4 - 15/4 - 20/6 mm
Width: 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 - 24 - 30 cm
The Belgiqa parquet is also suitable for underfloor heating.
Bandsaw effect
Belgiqa scratch

Prime/bis: 1st choice with possibility of small knot Ø10mm
Bis/rustic A: very few knots, max. Ø20mm
Rustic: rustic A and B, with congested knots to the max. Ø40mm and cracking allowed

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