Thyzo Humidifier - Dehumidifier

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THA146 Air Humidifier

Very large capacity humidifier

Highly effective cold water humidifier with precise hygrostat and large water tank of 34 ltr. Very large capacity. Mobile and suitable for rooms up to 450 m3.

Too low relative humidity can cause all kinds of complaints and ailments. The dry air extracts moisture from the environment such as floors, furniture, antiques, paintings and musical instruments, which can cause damage. People also suffer from dry air, which can cause all kinds of irritations, such as irritating eyes, irritated lenses, chapped lips, dry skin and headaches. In cold periods the air is drier than in warm periods and central heating makes the air extra dry. Indoor humidity can even drop to 10% R.H. The ideal air humidity is between 50 to 60% R.H.

The THA146 humidifier is an extremely effective cold water humidifier with a very large capacity. The built-in accurate hygrostat of the THA146 automatically keeps the humidity at the desired level. A fan blows the dusty dry air through the wet humidification filter, after which the humidified, clean air is blown back into the room without water, lime or mineral precipitation. The THA146 also eliminates static electricity, which benefits computers and storage media. The large 34-litre water tank ensures a long operating time without delay, but can also be connected to an (optional) permanent water supply if required. The solid technology of the THA146 is housed in a sturdy metal casing. The whole is mobile and ready to plug in, so immediately ready for use. The THA146 turns off automatically as soon as the water tank is empty.

Technique: cold water
Mains voltage: 230v/50 Hz
Max. power output: 53W
Capacity: 60l/24 hours at 21.2°C/RV 30%
Tank capacity: 34 litres
Air capacity: 350 to 800 m3/hour
Max. space (advice): 350 m2
Sound: 29 to 42 dBA
Operation: panel, manual
Hygrostat: yes
Water connection: optional
Operating modes: 2
Placement: mobile
Weight: 18.6 kg
Dimensions: (hxwxd) 720x625x315 mm
Housing: steel, grill: plastic
Colour: white
Warranty: 1 year
Standardisation: CE