Woca Parrquetsoap Naturel 5L

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Woca Parrquetsoap Naturel 5L

Product description: 

Natural soap is ideal for cleaning and care of oiled, waxed and soap-treated surfaces. Natural soap is particularly suitable for floors, furniture, tabletops and panels. The oily natural soap forms a protective film on the floor. Natural soap is suitable for cleaning most oiled floors.


1. The daily cleaning is done with a hoover or brush. The frequency with which the floor is cleaned depends on the wear and tear of the floor.

2. Natural soap is carefully stirred before use.

3. 125 ml Natural soap is mixed in 5 l lukewarm water. It is recommended to always work with two buckets: one with soapy water and one with rinsing water. Clean the floor with little water - allow the soapy water to work briefly on the floor to dissolve dirt. Remove the dirty soapy water with a well-wrung mop or mop and rinse it out in the bucket with rinsing water.

4. Always wipe the floor with soapy water in a well-wrung mop or mop to restore the protective soap film.