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Reclaimed Wood Parquet


Reclaimed Wood Parquet

Are you looking for an authentic floor with an old-fashioned and rustic look? Do you want to have an old plank floor in your home? Then at Woodstoxx we have the ideal solution: a parquet floor made of old wood!

Our parquet floors, made of old wood and aged solid wood planks, will give your room an age-old atmosphere. The authenticity that used to be found in old castles, old monasteries and farmhouses, you now bring it into your home thanks to raw and aged wood. Wear marks, knots, cracks and the odd aged color are part of the style of an aged parquet and naturally create the charm of these floors".

Vintage Parquet Flooring

Our period parquet floors are carefully designed to authentically recreate the look of antique floors. The slightly worn edges and soft patina of these beautiful floors give them a more relaxed feel than traditional options, making them wonderfully versatile and the ideal way to introduce the coveted parquet style into modern or less formal interiors.

Original Vintage floors are made from the best solid European oak, beautifully crafted and perfectly proportioned before being hand stained with a unique oil finish. 

Original Vintage floors are semi-finished, so they must be treated after installation to create a durable, low-maintenance finish and to seal cut edges during installation.

Visit one of our inspiring showrooms to see examples of our vintage flooring. If you have any questions or need advice, give us a call or send us an email - we'll be happy to help!