Belgiqa Flooring Soap White 750ml - Oiled Floors

Product description

Parquet soap based on natural oils for the regular maintenance of white and beige oiled parquet floorings. Parquet soap cleans and nourishes the floor and provides additional water-repellent protection.

The parquet soap contains only natural raw materials and gives a high nourishing value to the wood. Store frost-free. Use as little water as possible on your wooden floor. Too much water can cause damage.

Instructions for use

Mix 4 to 5 caps of Belgiqa Parket soap with 10 litres of water. Apply with a mop or mop that is not too wet and move in the lengthwise direction of the wood. Wring out the soiled mop and rinse in a second bucket of clean water. Further mopping is not necessary. With 1 litre of parquet soap one can treat +/- 400 m².


This depends on the degree of pollution but may be done at least once a month. The more one mops with the parquet soap, the better the protection.

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