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Are you looking for wooden cladding? Do you want to redecorate your facade? Are you crazy about a wooden facade? Then Woodstoxx is the right place for your wooden facade!

Our wooden facade claddings come in many different designs. In addition to the wide choice of wood species, there are also many different planing profiles. Depending on the architecture, you can determine the direction of the wood, being horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. Closed plank, or with an open joint? Anything is possible!

Woodstoxx always installs ventilated facade systems, where we fix the wooden planking on a support structure that allows the wood to dry out nicely at all times. In this way we avoid damp walls and moisture problems.

Types of Wood cladding

At Woodstoxx we offer many different types of wood cladding. Vertical cladding, horizontal, symmetrical and asymmetrical details, natural colours or processed wood. In short, we offer something unique for every taste. Can't find the facade you're looking for in our collections? Contact us without obligation and we will provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Are you looking for a black facade made of wood? Then we offer two collections that consist of black wood planks: the Blackwood collection on the one hand, and the Black-Out collection on the other hand. The Black Wood collection consists of burned and chilled wood planks, the Black-Out collection consists of wooden planks treated with a black varnish layer.

Are you looking for a facade cladding that consists of planks with varying widths? Discover the Unicus Profile: the cladding consisting of wooden planks with an asymmetrical appearance, by using 3 alternating widths.

Are you looking for cladding made of exotic hardwood, but just a little stronger in quality? With Exodur we present a new generation of exotic hardwood that has been thermally treated. Exodur is even harder, more stable and more durable than ordinary exotic hardwoods. In addition to the Exodur collection, we offer unique tropical hardwood claddings made from afrormosia or padouk wood. Both collections offer a wooden facade cladding made from very solid wood, on which there is virtually no movement or maintenance required.

Are you rather looking for a cladding that consists of separate wooden beams, which serve as an awning or privacy wall? Then we will make your dreams come true with our Domino collection.


Why choose a wooden cladding?

In recent years, wooden cladding has become very popular because it can give your home a completely new look. Moreover, many new homes are often provided with a wooden wall or a facade with an accent of wood. This gives your home a warm and natural look and feel with a modern touch. At Woodstoxx we offer many types of coverings in different types of wood, with custom finishing possibilities. There are so many realization possibilities, that every facade is almost unique. In addition, the installation of a new wooden facade is done very quickly. Much faster than laying a new layer of bricks.

Types of wood for wooden facade claddings

At Woodstoxx we offer a wide range of quality wood species in our range of wooden facades. On the one hand one chooses the right type of wood based on its appearance. The colour of the wood plays a role in this, but even more important is the drawing in the wood. If one wants to keep the original colour of the wood, the wood needs to be treated so that the colour does not become grey. Without treatment, the wooden facade will gray by sunlight. The speed at which the aging occurs depends on the type of wood.
The most important factor for the type of wood to be chosen is the durability class. The durability class determines the lifespan of the wood and its resistance to climatic changes such as rain, frost, humidity and drought. At Woodstoxx, we only install timber facades with durability classes I and II, because these are the most resistant and have a life span of at least 15 and 25 years.

If you are looking for a cheaper yet durable solution with an environmentally friendly character, Thermowood is your best friend. Themowood stands for thermally treated wood. By means of a heating process one obtains a higher durability class. Thanks to this process, wood species that were initially less suitable for sustainable applications, will come back into the picture. Typically, wood species from sustainably managed European forests are used. Thermowood is therefore a good choice if you prefer not to use tropical hardwood for environmental reasons or if you find it too expensive.

Finishing and treatment of wooden cladding

Hardwood and thermally modified wood age naturally over time under the influence of weather and UV radiation. The aging does not affect the technical condition of the wood. Many even like it because it gives the facade an authentic look. Do you want to prevent aging? Then you can have the wood treated in different ways.
Have your facade treated to keep the original wood color. By treating the wooden facade with a vapor open, transparent stain with UV inhibitor you protect the wood against aging. You can also have the facade finished with a nourishing color oil. The treatment will need to be repeated approximately after 3 to 4 years.

Cleaning wooden facade

Due to the Belgian climate and air pollution, wooden facades can become discoloured or a green deposit can form on the facade. So after a while it may be necessary to take care of the wood and clean the facade. Just like a wooden terrace, you can scrub the facade with warm water and a dash of javelin, and spray the dirt away with a high-pressure cleaner. As with a wooden terrace, do not spray too hard on the wooden shelves. If the irradiation is too hard, wood fibres could come loose and damage the boards.

Price of a wooden cladding

As with the construction of a wooden terrace, the price depends on the surface area, the type of wood chosen and the degree of difficulty of the work to be carried out. The cost of the construction to which the wooden facade will be attached will be added, the rental of an aerial work platform or the installation of scaffolding, and of course the man-hours performed. Do you opt for an insulation layer? Then this will also have to be calculated in the price.