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Are you looking for a solution to make your wall beautiful again? Are you renovating and would you like to finish an interior wall in style? Are you looking for a wooden wall for your interior? Are you looking for design wall decoration in wood? Discover now the wooden wall coverings at Woodstoxx!


Valais - Wall Cladding from Solid Wood Planks

Refresh your interior or give your home a new look with our stylish wooden wall cladding. The solid wood walls are easy to install because they simply have to be attached to the wall. The wall decoration is ready-made, easy to maintain and very easy to assemble.


Kiosk - Wall decoration from Composite Pieces of Wood, Wooden Mosaic Wall cladding


At Woodstoxx we offer a wide range of wall coverings consisting of a collection of different pieces of wood, which form a beautiful wall decoration in an asymmetrical way. This type of wall decoration is a kind of mosaic consisting of elongated pieces of wood or square pieces of wood. By arranging them in a 3D perspective, this gives a wall decoration in different colour accents with relief.


Old Wood - Walls from worn Old Solid Wood Planks

In addition to traditional solid wood planks for wall decorations, Woodstoxx offers a full range of wall coverings made from recycled old solid wood. This wood has a past, and its history and aging have given it a strong rustic look full of character. Do you want to create a space in an atypical style full of character? Then you will certainly be satisfied with the old wood you can find at Woodstoxx.


Black Wood - Walls from Black Wood, Burned Wood and Coated Wood


Are you looking for black wall coverings? Discover now our collection of black wood, chilled wood planks that originated from a centuries-old Japanese tradition. The result is a matte black chilled wallcovering that exudes a lot of class and luxury. You can choose between pure chilled wood or chilled wood with different protective layers. Woodstoxx is the unique distributor of these Blackwood walls.