Omiyama's hard coal layer gets a brilliant, bronze-like glow in the sun. The deep-burned cabbage layer has a robust appearance with an irregular structure and can withstand severe weather conditions. This makes Omiyama very suitable as a durable finish on facades. Omiyama is also a powerful eye-catcher indoors.

Omiyama is made from Platowood Fraké. A sustainable wood product (FSC) made from Fraké wood, which has been modified by hydrothermal modification (in short: cooking, drying and baking). The wood is virtually error-free; there are no knots. Characteristic for some batches are black lines and the presence of a small hole here and there (pinholes). Platowood has a durability class 2 (EN 350).

Omiyama has standard fire resistance class D, S1, D0 (European standard - EN13501).

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