Tim, Sales

I don’t sell parquet or façade cladding. I actively look for solutions."


- Following intensive training he started in the showroom as a salesman and today visits architects and developers in the role of representative. When Tim Santy speaks about wood, he knows what he is talking about. I don’t sell parquet or façade cladding. I actively look for solutions."

As a representative, Tim is more than a point of contact. Backed up by Woodstoxx consultancy, he is the first step towards a wood solution tailored to a project. “The nice thing is that we can do things that others can’t. That makes an impression. No matter whether it is a private project or the finish on a football stadium.”

- "Among colleagues, we challenge each other constantly. That keeps us sharp.”

One of the things is flexibility. “Construction sites regularly experience delays. As finishers we only come to play in the final phase. But with forty installers and eight project managers we can - if necessary - quickly deploy additional teams. Particularly when time is of the essence. The record? A site with a month's delay that we still delivered on time.”
Tim is one of the members of the internal sales group on WhatsApp. "We challenge each other - everyone wants to be the best, right? - but we also share things we encounter along the way. It keeps us focussed but also provides us with ideas with which to renew and innovate. Because Woodstoxx’ offerings will never end. It’s a constant evolution.”

- Woodstoxx
Who: Tim Santy
Age: 29
Role: Representative
Quote: “Wherever I go: the first thing I look at is the parquet flooring, and in particular the type of wood used. Call it professional deformation.”