Vincent, Production assistant

“Every colour is a new quest”


- The Woodstoxx-collection is extensive. Very extensive. Lengths, widths, colours, finishes: the detail determines the final look and feel of a complete floor. The person in charge of those details? Colour specialist Vincent Reynaert.

“Pink parquet flooring? Yes, that’s possible. We created it at a specific customer request. It's not really my style, but who am I?” "The anecdote seems banal, but shows perfectly what Vincent is capable of. Processing wooden floors and boards until the result perfectly reflects the dream. And maybe even surpasses it.

- “Naturally we have house secrets. A magician doesn’t reveal how his tricks work.”

Working with parquet is an extensive process. One in which each step determines the end result. Precision is of the highest importance. "Every colour is a new quest. There are no standard procedures. You have to know what you are doing and perform a lot of tests. We have ourselves developed numerous techniques.” The exact details of those techniques is something Vincent would rather keep to himself. "They are house secrets, are not they not. A magician doesn’t reveal how his tricks work.”

Do you have Woodstoxx parquet flooring in your home? Then the chances are that Vincent has touched those boards. “In fact it’s a certainty. We check every board manually. You have to if you want to deliver quality." And even though Vincent has been in the business for over twenty years, he is still surprised every day by the beauty of wood. “Wood is pure nature. It’s alive and each colour is always different."

- Woodstoxx
Who: Vincent Reynaert
Age: 39
Role: Production assistant
Quote: “When colouring parquet flooring we are conscious of the environment. We only use dyes that meet the strictest labels.”