Optimal indoor climate for both your health & your parquet floor


Think about your health

We often forget it, but a healthy indoor climate is of vital importance. Dry air makes people ill!

The air in our living and working environment may not be too dry or too damp. Symptoms such as headache, dry eyes, sore throat, dry skin, fatigue, lack of concentration, etc. are all signs of a bad air climate.

Think of your parquet floor

Too dry an air climate may result in shrinkage of your parquet floor and in the worst-case scenario, it may crack, splinter, loosen or even slightly shape into a bowl form.

In short:

  • Measure the air humidity with a hygrometer.

> You can get one for free in our showrooms in Gent and Menen.

  • Humidify the air with an air humidifier.

> Have a look at the models in our web shop.

When the air drops under 45%, immediately start humidifying the air.

  • The ideal air humidity is comprised between 45% and 65%.
  • Regularly check the air humidity, start humidifying the air in time and avoid health problems and problems with your parquet floor.