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Blackwood Marugame

The origin of Marugame is Accoya®, a sustainable wood that has been modified by acetylation. This makes our Marugame ideal as a sustainable, ecological finish outdoors. Accoya® uses fast-growing woods such as radiata pine (a pine species). Using a poison-free process, the wood is modified into a new, durable, dimensionally stable product that is also extremely environmentally friendly. Accoya® wood is ideal for low-maintenance applications. The durability of Accoya® is Class 1 (EN 350), the highest attainable durability class. Accoya® has extensive quality certificates (KOMO, RAL, BBA, WDMA, etc.) and is guaranteed for up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in direct ground contact. Our resistant Marugame is available with a pure carbon layer or fixed to be protected against wind and rain (and if necessary with a higher fire resistance).

  • Origine New Zealand
  • Woodtype Accoya
  • Finishing Coal protect
  • Largeur 2400, 3000, 3600, 4200, 4800 mm
  • Thickness 23, 10 mm
  • width 100, 150, 200 mm
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Story Jonas, Installer facade cladding

Take it from an experienced joiner: no wall is straight. That is why a straight-lined structure is placed first when fitting wooden façade cladding. “With control screws. This is how we keep everything level. To the millimetre”
Says Jonas Allegaert. For the past four years he has specialized in finishing facades and exterior wood accents. "External joinery is always challenging. You never know what the wall looks like, and in particular how straight or crooked it is. In practice, we always work with a laser to place the structure. With or without insulation. It’s a case of being alert and doing the maths.”
“You never know what the wall looks like, and in particular how straight or crooked it is.”
As team leader Jonas has a view of all the detail relating to the finish. From modest cladding to a complete office building or apartment. "Preparation is everything. I run through what needs to be done and what needs extra attention with the project manager on a daily basis. It requires efficient organisation to make everything run smoothly.
"I prefer working with ayous. It’s a soft wood, but very stable and always perpendicular.
More to the point all wood is different. In the words of Jonas: “Some wood species are nervous." Which means that the weather and temperatures are more influential in terms of expansion. “We factor this in and use expansion joints. The clearance depends on the type of wood. "I prefer working with ayous. It’s a soft wood but very stable and always perpendicular. Padauk is also very pleasant to work with. It ages well. That’s how I prefer it.”

- Woodstoxx
Who: Jonas Allegaert
Age: 27
Role: Installer facade cladding
Quote: I don’t mind working in the rain. On the contrary. Since I have been working outside every day, I haven’t been ill once.”

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