Louis, Samplemaker

" A true reflection of size but on a smaller scale. "


- You have to feel and experience the beauty of wood, thanks to an extremely large sample for example. Louis Holvoet is one of the sample makers at Woodstoxx. From a complete reproduction of an outer wall to a 1.5 square meter example of a wooden floor. Louis develops and distributes it meticulously.

"We make every sample exactly according to the requested end result. Not only is the look identical, but also the technical requirements for underlying structures. It is the only way to create an accurate picture. It is more than a non-binding example. It is a true reflection of size but on a smaller scale.”

- "Every sample is perfectly reproducible and traceable. Even years later.”

Louis creates up to forty samples a day. And the details of each sample are meticulously maintained. The colour code, the lot number of the wood used, the dimensions: each part is perfectly traceable. "Every sample is unique and sometimes it can take a while before a sample is approved. Even if the client selects a specific example after several years: thanks to the reference we are able to produce it at any time to scale.”
That Louis himself makes, distributes and follows up the samples has an additional advantage. He is the first to gain an insight into the trends and most popular finishes. “We learn a lot on the basis of sample requests. Which samples do well, for example: as such we are able to quickly respond to new developments and finishes.”

- Woodstoxx
Who: Louis Holvoet
Age: 24
Role: Samplemaker
Quote: “Up until a few years ago I was at the top of my game as a cyclist. But working with your hands and wood is so much better than cycling.”