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Are you looking for a parquet floor or a wooden floor of the highest quality? Look no further, because Woodstoxx is your ideal partner for the integration of quality parquet in your home or project. Woodstoxx sells parquet / wood flooring via the experience centres in Menen, Antwerp and Ghent. In our showroom we receive private customers as well as business customers for project support. We take care of the integration of wooden floors in existing or new homes.

Woodstoxx not only sells parquet, but also installs it thanks to a large team of experienced installers. Woodstoxx is known in the world of parquet flooring as a top player in terms of quality and installation. If you have your floor installed by Woodstoxx, you can be sure that the installation will be done according to the art of posing parquet.


Advantages of a wooden floor or parquet floor

What are the advantages of a wooden floor? Firstly, real wood gives a unique character to your interior. Not two boards are the same because each board has its own drawing, structure and finish. Parquet is a floor that is alive and that can age, making it full of character. Also with aging, a parquet floor becomes more beautiful because it gets more and more character. Secondly, a parquet floor is ecological and future-proof. A parquet floor wears out slowly and can be sanded and treated with varnish or oil. This allows it to look like new again and you can continue using it for several years. Parquet floors insulate your floor better than tiles, and contemporary parquet floors can also be used in combination with existing or new underfloor heating systems. Parquet floors also increase the value of your home, if installed within the rules of the art.

A special advantage of parquet is that it can meet your personal taste. There are an infinite number of colours and finishing possibilities, and you can also choose between different types of wood and laying patterns. At Woodstoxx we offer our parquet floors in the tranditional plank laying method, but also in herringbone parquet or Versaille style. Are you looking for a specific type of wood? There is little chance that we don't have one!

Types of parquet flooring

One thing is certain, if you choose parquet, you will enjoy a wooden floor that radiates warmth and cosiness into your space. You can't tell from the look and feel of your parquet how it is constructed, even though there are different types of parquet. At Woodstoxx, you can find a huge range that is divided into four different types of parquet flooring. For example, we offer solid parquet, multi-layer parquet, veneer parquet and even wooden floors made with aged wood and old planks.


The most well-known form of parquet is solid parquet. This parquet consists of one complete piece of wood. This means that no different types of wood are combined to form one plank, but the wood plank as a whole is processed into a floor. Solid parquet is pure prestige, which makes it slightly more expensive than the other types of parquet. The rarer the type of wood, the more expensive your solid parquet will be priced.


The name already reveals the structure of this type of parquet. Multilayer parquet is composed of several layers of wood. Existing multilayer parquet has a two-layer structure and a three-layer structure. In the case of a two-layer parquet, the top layer is glued to a support, the plywood. The plywood is a construction of a number of layers of cross-layer planks, which provide extra stability and straightness. In the case of three-layer parquet, a support construction is provided under the top layer with a reinforcing hardwood layer and a hardwood veneer back. By gluing the support construction transversely to the hardwood, the wood is maximally stabilised.

Veneer parquet

Our Parky veneer parquet is composed of a thin top layer that is pressed onto a high-density board. This floor looks a bit like a laminate floor, but with a top layer of real wood. Because of this, the price is very competitive, but the look and feel is the same as that of a real parquet floor. On top of the top layer, there will be an 8 layer transparent varnish, which guarantees the solidity of that floor.


In addition to standard parquet floors, we also offer very exclusive old wooden plank floors. These old wooden planks are called to a new life in our contemporary homes. Wear and tear marks, knots, cracks and the odd aged colour are part of the style of an aged parquet floor and of course create the charm of these floors.

Laying patterns

The laying pattern of your parquet floor is an important factor. Herringbone, Chevron, plank pattern, varying widths or Versailles... Apart from the colour and grade, the pattern determines to a large extent the look and feel of your interior.

Plank pattern

A regular plank floor makes optimal use of the wood. The planks do not have to be sawn according to a specific pattern. Each plank of a parquet floor laid according to a traditional plank floor can be laid in several widths. Each plank can even have a different length. Woodstoxx usually uses oak planks or hardwood for laying a plank floor. Oak wood is optimal for various treatments and results in a beautiful oak parquet.

Varying widths

Are you looking for a plank floor, but with a playful twist? Then the alternating width pattern might be something for you. The different plank widths give the room a more natural look. The alternating width pattern can be completely adjusted to your style, allowing you to obtain an elegant customised oak parquet.

Herringbone parquet

Although most people opt for a traditional plank floor, herringbone parquet offers a worthy alternative. The classic pattern radiates class and is also timeless.
A herringbone parquet consists of elongated planks, usually made of oak. Characteristic of herringbone parquet is that the planks are laid against each other in a V-shape. This creates a sort of 'arrow' in the floor. The floor can run from wall to wall. A correct installation does require the necessary expertise. You can always count on us for a beautiful oak parquet floor in herringbone pattern.

Chevron Parquet

The laying pattern of Chevron looks a bit like the laying pattern of a herringbone parquet, but it is totally different. With herringbone parquet, the planks are laid at an angle of 90 degrees, whereas with chevron the planks are laid at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees. Another difference is that the planks of a herringbone floor are rectangular, those of Chevron are parallelograms. With Chevron, one straight line is created where both planks meet.

Versailles parquet

Originally, this laying pattern was conceived for the Palace of Versailles. It therefore has a special and classic appearance. Nowadays this solid parquet is also increasingly used in the interior of homes. It gives your interior a generous look. The pattern consists of a square frame of oak with a block pattern of wickerwork. This parquet is most often laid with European oak.

An oak parquet is therefore possible in all kinds of laying patterns, whether it is a traditional plank floor parquet, a herringbone parquet, Hungarian Point or Versailles parquet.

Installation, Assembly or Installation of Parquet Floors

Buying a beautiful parquet floor is one thing, installing it in a professional manner is another. Experience plays a major role in the installation of parquet. It speaks for itselves that you want your parquet to be installed in the best possible way, in such a way that the floor is completely flat and neatly finished. At Woodstoxx you can count on a team of real craftsmen with life-long experience within the parquet industry. We guarantee the perfect installation of your parquet floor in all possible laying styles.

Whether you want to install a parquet floor glued or floating, our craftsmen know all the ins and outs of the trade. Parquet can be installed on an existing tiled floor, on a screed or on a level subfloor. Unevenness in the floor must of course be eliminated to prevent the floor from bumping.

Depending on the type of wood floor you choose, it is possible to install it in combination with underfloor heating. Installing a solid parquet floor in combination with underfloor heating is a more difficult matter, because the heat has to pass completely through the wooden floor and can therefore distort it.  In combination with a multilayer parquet or veneer parquet, this is possible because the floor is more stable and less leeway.

Note that you have to keep in mind that a wooden floor is a floor that moves with humidity. This means that the floor can shrink or expand slightly, so there is some leeway on the floor. Parquet should therefore not be installed in humid areas such as bathrooms, except if it was specially made for such applications. The correct installation and processing of a parquet floor is therefore of paramount importance. In addition, good maintenance must be carried out from time to time. The floor must be cleaned with a special product and every now and then the floor may also be sanded and treated with oil or varnish. Fortunately Woodstoxx offers maintenance applications, and you can visit our webshop for maintenance products.

Showroom parquet

Visit our showroom in Menen, Antwerp or Ghent, and let our experts guide you through the purchase of your parquet floor. In our showroom you will find hundreds of different colours and textures, in all possible sizes. At Woodstoxx, we find the parquet floor that suits you, for everyone's budget.